Located in NE Iowa, the heartland of the United States, Rory Willett founded BundutecUSA, Inc. in 2013 after retiring as president of Northstar Campers.

It was a 40-year long career in the family business that began in the early 60s by his grandfather Tex Willett. Northstar grew to one of the top truck camper manufacturers in the USA, powered by his designs and engineering experience.

With that much experience behind BundutecUSA models, you can be assured that your camper is going to be solid and dependable for worry free camping with a brand new look!

BundutecUSA manufactures pop top and hard-walled campers in several different floor-plans for all truck sizes, and are designed to be customized and built to your requests. Some customers only want an empty shell, while others want theirs fully equipped. Recently, we have started to build truck camper box inserts (BIVAK) that are new and exciting to have in the line-up.

The BIVAK is less than a full cab over truck camper but much more than a fiberglass topper. Turning any sized pickup into a full expedition ready rig.


At BundutecUSA, we wanted to offer more than the conventional RV Style truck camper. We needed something that we could offer that was unique and not available before in the states. This is where the BunduTop & BunduAwn came to be part of our line-up.

Experiencing the outdoors in a tent is very different from truck camping, and most of us started out that way.

Getting off the cold, bug-ridden ground, and getting away from the setting of poles, ropes, and stakes, a truck camper was the next step for a lot of campers.

For some of us, however, we still desire the true tent camping experience. Attaching a tent to the roof of your SUB or trailer is a very unique way of sleeping in nature while staying off the ground. Most of the RTTs (Roof Top Tents) offered still require 30-45 minutes of set up time and include poles, ropes, and stakes. Folding them back up after removing the bedding and securing the cover takes even more time. Finding a rooftop tent that raised or lowered in less than 30 seconds with a push of a button was the perfect product for us!

We contacted Martin Rautenbach, the designer and owner of Bundutec from Johannesburg, South Africa. They are a family-owned and operated business, growing and expanding every day, just like our operation here in Iowa. We were very pleased to become the US distributor of his rooftop tents and self-supported wrap around awnings. The Bundutec RTT and awning has been passing the test of harsh conditions in South Africa and Botswana for years. All aluminum construction and Ripstop fabric is used on all the products from South Africa.

After a trip to meet Martin’s family and accompanying them on a 10-day trip into the Kalahari bush of Botswana, Rory was hooked on the product. The ease of operation, the sturdy material used, and just the comfort level the BunduTop offered proved to him that it would be a perfect fit with what we wanted to sell and use ourselves.

There is something about the sense of security you get when you know the product is actually used by the founders of the company themselves. It is something that Rory has always believed was important in the designs over the years. Camping in your product offers you the insight that you cannot get from a boardroom or behind a desk.


The BundutecUSA pop-top truck campers use a completely different roof design and a fresh new interior look that makes them stand out from the others in the market. The roof of the pop-top is raised by a push of a button with a 4-corner electric jack system. We offer many floor-plan options in both hard-walled and pop-top units. Each floor-plan can be designed to fit most custom requests. Rory enjoys working one-on-one with each customer to give them a unit to fit your individual needs and wants.

Continuing to strive at providing customers with only the best products. They are made from the highest quality materials and are built to withstand the harshest weather. They come with a 2-year warranty and are shipped directly to your address common carrier.

No matter if you choose a truck camper, rooftop tent, or awning you will be able to access all the beautiful, out of the way places on your bucket list. Our outstanding customer service will be just a call away, making sure you can get back on the trail, wherever that may be.